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As sector leaders with over 20 years' experience, TargetMCG and its constituent companies understand film like no other.

Our unique '3Sixty' understanding of the market offers total insight to film clients of all types: independent distributors, studios, film festivals and sales agents.

In fact, no one knows film like we do.

We cover the full spectrum of expertise – media planning and buying, publicity, marketing, event and junket design/management,

social media marketing and creative for TV, print, radio and web. And, when coupled with our unique film research capabilities, it's what makes TargetMCG the 'Go To' communications group for film both in the UK and internationally.

In recent months, as part of our relentless journey to understand and connect in greater depth with film-going consumers, we have launched Film3Sixty Magazine. This not only allows us to engage directly with these consumers, but to collect data which we share with clients – meaning that together we can plan more insightful, targeted and cost-effective multi-disciplined campaigns.


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Over the last decade our specialist game division has been working with some of the most successful and well-known publishers in the gaming world. The pace of change in this market is reflected in our growing and diversifying client base and dedication in providing up-to-the-minute creative, media and digital solutions.

Our experienced and passionate team dedicate themselves to understanding the gaming consumer – which is fundamental to the success of our campaigns.

Bespoke and subscribed research projects guide our intelligent planning process across every conceivable interaction and buying opportunity. We formulate campaigns that not only capitalise on awareness across these multiple touch points, but create a buzz and realise a return on investment.

Our experience in the games market speaks for itself with over 40 No.1 titles across our clients' portfolios and a team who previously worked with the largest publishers in the industry.


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For over 10 years we have creatively dominated the world's classical music industry, as well as other areas of the entertainment sector. Our market-leading creative and production services are always individually tailored to the commercial and artistic aims of our clients – in short, we deliver work that works.

We publish Music3Sixty in magazine format as well as online to

support the work of our clients. Covering all music from the theatre, cinema, musicals and concert halls – both live and recorded – the Music3Sixty initiative enables our clients' work to reach a large, targeted audience of music lovers.

We are at the creative forefront of the music industry, delivering cutting-edge packaging, design, editorial and digital solutions.


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Our Live offer combines truly outstanding media, creative and production resources with unparalleled experience in the live events industry.

Our depth of knowledge enables us to move seamlessly from big-budget global musicals to highly specialised one-off events around the country. Everything we do is driven by a unique understanding of the diverse live events audience – underpinned by bespoke

research tools created by our media arm.

Our determination to always go the extra mile is demonstrated by our recent publishing initiative, Music3Sixty Magazine – a collaboration with our sister recorded music division. Distributed in the national press, it enables us to bring our clients even closer to their consumers, and to gather valuable learning for forthcoming campaigns.


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There is no faster-moving sector than technology – an industry driven by innovation and the constant challenge to develop products that don't just anticipate, but often dictate the next generation of business and consumer needs.

Brands need to move quickly to survive in this world. The same demands are made of the communications agencies that work with those brands. This is where Tech3Sixty comes in.

Our extensive knowledge of the technology market enables us to understand not only new technology, but how people and businesses assimilate it into their lives and operations.

Our broad offer brings together over 12 years' experience helping the world's largest technology brands to connect their technology to their customers – from Microsoft, HP, IBM and Virgin Media to young emerging brands that will be the heroes of tomorrow.


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The communications landscape has never been more complex for financial brands. Serious messages, tight legislation and emotive public perceptions of the industry rest in delicate balance with a need to engage and adapt to the changing world created by social media, mobile channels and more.

Our specialist expertise in financial marketing enables us to help clients navigate through this complex landscape. Our long-lasting partnerships with a broad spectrum of financial brands range from internal engagement for one of the UK's largest high street banks,

to 20 years working from category inception to category leadership with the world's largest hedge fund manager.

Our experience stems retail, wealth management and private banks – and our understanding of how the IFA market operates is unequalled. Our scope encompasses UK and global campaigns. Our teams are built around each client and offer a tailored combination of skills – spanning worldwide brand definition and communications through to digital marketing, website production and social media lead generation.